Grey Goose Espresso Martini Month

Espresso Martini Month

Celebrating all things Espresso Martini for the month of June

How do you like your coffee? We’ll take ours shaken with Grey Goose vodka thanks!

Join us this June for Espresso Martini Month, celebrating our oh-so versatile favourite with an exclusive list of tantalising variations, here’s what you can expect below.

A special menu with 6 new Espresso Martinis

We’ve created an Espresso Martini for every occasion, whether you’re a fan of peanut butter, Turkish delight, salted caramel, or more partial to tequila, we have an Espresso Martini to suit your taste buds!

Cocktail deals you won't see anywhere else

All day, every Friday in June you can get ANY of our delicious Espresso Martinis for just $12, so gather your friends for a long lunch, or come and enjoy live music from 8pm till late.

To celebrate International Martini Day on Saturday 19th June, all Espresso Martinis are $12 all day!

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